Beauty Spa

They do beauty very well here. Come to Fontamar Spa this winter and enjoy a sensuous seawater thermal bath. The combination of salt and sun on offer is amazing for the skin, and can cure acne, ulcurs, lupus and psoriasis. More benefits include an improved immune system! That’s right, studies have shown that spending time in sea water actually increases white and red blood cells. The iodine content in a salt water bath can perform antiseptic actions on your skin. This amazing saltwater bath is available all year round! You can check reviews on blogs online and you can see here are some best travelling to Amsterdam tips on the website.


Once you are done in the saltwater bath, which might take time, you can sit and relax, taking in the amazing views from a solarium. Solarium literally means sun room and the girls take great pride in theirs.. There is also a steam room if you like things a little hotter. The health benefits of steam rooms are numerous. Over time bacteria and toxins become trapped in your skin. A good steam session opens up your pores, releasing this stuff that would otherwise breakout in acne and rashes. Make this a hobby and you end up with clearer, better toned skin! But before you enter the steam room, hit their amazing gymnasium, going for a detoxing steam afterwards. Studies show that a regular combination of the two practices enables your body to burn calories more effectively! There are skin products which you can shop online but always use the aliexpress coupon code on your first purchase to save more.


Here at Fontamar it is believed that group activities to get the most out of your body and mind. Take time to enjoy one of their famous nordic walks, out in the majestic countryside of Northern Germany. If you prefer to exercise indoors don’t forget there is always the gymnasium, which includes a top quality weights room.. Fontamars offers page provides luscious discounts on these services. To get more updates about the discounts offered, you have to be online always so compare the speed of your goedkoop internet en tv ziggo to check that you are getting the right services.


The team take all their time to meet your needs, but sometimes a person needs a little time to themselves. That’s why they built saltwater bath, solarium and greenery area, in case you with to soak up minerals or go and spot butterflies. When you are ready, come to a beauty therapy appointment and the team at Fontamar will insure your hands, feet and skin look and feel amazing! You can post your reviews on your blog and get a lot of visitors when you buy targeted traffic that converts.