Healing Massages

The benefits of a good massage are numerous I could fill a book, but the results fall into two categories – mind and body. It is commonly known in modern psychology that a stressed brain and a tense body are synchronized. When the body encounters stress, it enters something called fight or flight mode. When a person feels stressed, the mind releases a “stress hormone” known as Cortisol. A simple massage in a relaxing environment like the massage parlour on offer here is guaranteed to put a stop to this cortisol and get you back to a clear thinking mindset. There are discounts to “save more using kortingscode albelli telefoonhoesje” or save more using discount code albelli phone case and there are also discounts for massage therapy services.


Body Firming

At Fontamar they have some of the best formulas around to give you a superb body firming experience. Watch as your skin becomes firmer, the elasticity in the fiber of your epidirmus improved and the stretch marks you want gone beginning to fade. The unique body firming formula they use will leave you feeling great and your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. You can enjoy body firming without spending too much as many people use the black friday best deals coupon to save more.

Skin Rejuvenation

At Fontamar they possess some of the latest formulas and targeted massage techniques to fight aging in the skin. With techniques gained through years of practice the team will tackle your fine lines and wrinkles. They can provide you with a targeted massage to promote the health of your innermost elements, the rejuvenation of your cells, the elasticity of your skin and the maintenance of your youthful looks. There are products for skin rejuvenation which you can purchase online and get more bang with buck with usar cupon en aliexpress.


Body Scrub

Your skin goes through a lot. It toughens up with exposure to the elements. Perhaps a body scrub would benefit you if you are not satisfied with how soft your skin is. At Fontamar Spa they have an array of special oils that moisturize your skin whilst they scrub away at the dead skin cells, leaving you feeling fresher and smoother. This treatment is really good for opening up the pores, which is good before a mud treatment or a bath in that famous salt water pool. You can create your own blog and share your reviews about our services.Then you can read more about how to get a million visitors to your website.

Service Type
Spa Treatments
It's all about Our story Since 1984, the spa has undergone some developments. Since the beginning of 2003 it presents itself with the newly designed wellness area. The area of ​​the spa center is divided into four areas. The actual spa house houses the technology, materials and premises for the areas of health and spa. The new wellness area is located on the first floor. Behind the practice stands the complex with weight room, relaxation room and café. In addition to the covered areas is located in front of the thermal bath our fitness area under the awning and a green area with garden pond. During warmer seasons, the most diverse butterflies can be seen here