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A Skin Assessment Procedure

At Fontmar they take pride in providing you with an excellent skin assessment procedure. During their in-depth checks of your face your therapist will search for cherry angiomas, real moles and any dark circles you might have around the eyes. Your face will also be checked for build ups of lesions that are common among people over the age of thirty. These can appear on the face, nose and cheeks. They also make a note of the texture of your skin during the “cleansing” stage of the process. You will enjoy a weekend on Amsterdam events more after undergoing skin treatments for relaxation.


Together you and the team can work at a treatment plan. This might include a programme you can participate in at the home or even at work! Depending on the assessment you might have to return to the spa for the duration of a few weeks or a few months. The team at Fontamar will use this time to get your skin feeling well again! Same as when you “compare glasvezel amersfoort providers vergelijken online” or compare fiber optic amersfoort providers compare online, you can compare services for skin treatments. You can “check your zorgverzekering afsluiten voor 18 jaar plan” or check your health insurance for 18 year plan if it includes a skin treatment.


Eyebrow Sculpting

Eyebrows are often misshapen from either bring over tweezed or over waxed. Or perhaps you have recently changed your hairstyle or hair colour and your eyebrows just don’t quit fit the frame of your face. You can do it by yourself if you purchase hairstyle products online and use the abubot discount code to save more. So what is there difference between eyebrow waxing and eyebrow sculpting? 


Brow waxing is a simple procedure that adjusts the eyebrows to a desired shape whilst removing hair. In order to get your eyebrows sculpted, however, you need to hire a more highly trained skincare professional. Whilst brow waxing is a swift process, brow sculpting consists in waxing, tweezing, trimming and recommending a custom makeup in order to achieve an ideal frame for your face. Here at Fontamar, they have a great team of highly trained professionals who can achieve this ideal frame and sculpt your eyebrows to an ideal shape and texture!

It is common knowledge that eyebrow sculpting is an increasingly popular treatment in Amsterdam, Tokyo and Berlin!


Eyelash Extensions

Fontamar are now providing gravity defining lash-lifts, an amazing  new procedure is taking over the industry! The benefit of this new treatment is that you end up with lashes that are low maintenance. You can achieve great looking lashes with this treatment and there is no need for mascara. Lash lifting is an increasingly popular routine that is changing the way women prepare for their day and giving them extra time to spend in bed. The lash-lifting treatment on offer at Fontamar takes a mere forty minutes!